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Dudley Literacy Center

65 Warren Street, Roxbury, MA 02119

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Photo by local artist Celeste Sheffey

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The Dudley Literacy Center now operates on a classes-only basis. General questions about Literacy Services and programming can be directed to Literacy Specialist Michael Murray at 617-859-2446 or Please Click here to be directed to the Literacy Services page, which includes information about all Literacy Services programming and resources.


Our mission is to support the basic educational needs of adults by imparting the skills and knowledge that will not only prepare them to reach their personal and professional goals, but assist them with creating their own opportunities.  In addition, we hope to help each individual develop confidence in themselves and engage critically with the world around them.

The Literacy Services Department, along with the Dudley Literacy Center, provides resources and programs that are designed to serve the needs of the adult literacy and ESL populations in and around Boston.  Regular programs include traditional ESL classes, ESL Conversation Groups, Reading and Writing instruction for low-literate adults, and a volunteer led tutoring program.


All programs on the current calendar of events are free.


Please see the Literacy Services page for information about all Literacy Services programming and resources.