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Parker Hill Branch

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Center Crown

The crown in the center is 9 feet high by 7 feet wide

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"We Three Kings" Artist's Statement by Jessica Finch

"When I first visited Parker Hill, the space I was given to work with above the bookshelves and beside the windows was completely white and felt a bit cold. I chose a rich red color for the main wall of the Children’s Room, imagining a magical throne room as the theme. I constructed three huge crowns to top the three oversized windows; this process took approximately five months. My goal was that the crowns reflect the history of a large part of the community and also of the building, which incorporates both the Art Deco and Classical styles.

The three crowns reflect the three basic shapes: triangular, rectangular, and circular. They reference both natural objects and the decorative arts of Africa. The crowns are artistic as well as architectural, because in addition to being three-dimensional, they also change the shape of the windows."

Left Crown

Right Crown

The crown on the left is 7 feet high by 6.5 feet wide

The crown on the right is 6 feet high by 6.5 feet wide