Boston Public Library
Wheelchair Access
Central Library

If you need to request the use of a wheelchair while in the library, there is a wheelchair located in the Switchboard Office, to the left of the Boylston Street entrance of the Johnson Building. The Senior Staff on Duty will make arrangements for use.

When a person in a wheelchair wants to go from the General Library (Johnson Building) into the Research Library (McKim Building), and is unable to use the lifts for any reason, staff members will call the Custodian's Office and request a custodian to escort the person through the non-public passageways to the Research Library.

There are wheelchair lifts available for use. There is a lift beside the Shipping Room doors in the Johnson Building. There are several lifts in the McKim Building, they provide access to the Newspaper Room, the Microtext Room and between the Elliot and Washington Rooms. Please see a member of our staff for assistance.