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History of the Boston Films

Panoramic View of Boston Subway from an Electric Car

Alternative title: Boston Subway from an Electric Car
Filming date: December 1900
Release date: December 1901
Copyright date: December 16, 1901
Boston release date: January 7, 1901 at the Boston Music Hall
Production company and distributor: Edison Manufacturing Company
Running time - 1 minute, 21 seconds
Producers: J. Stuart Blackton, Albert E. Smith
Camera: J. Stuart Blackton and/or Albert E. Smith
Persons who have visited the "Hub," no doubt carried away with vivid recollections of Boston's famous system of Underground Transportation and this film takes the audience from the bright sunshine into the dim obscurity of the subway. The Underground stations and rows of Electric Arc lamps are plainly shown and, after traversing the tunnel for a considerable distance, the car finally emerges opposite the railroad depot.
Summary taken from Edison Films Catalog, September 1902, p. 92.

Canoeing Scene

Release date: August 1901
Copyright date: August 16, 1901
Production company and distributor: Edison Manufacturing Company
Running time - 2 minutes
This we believe to be the best as well as the most interesting subject of Boston's latest fad yet taken. The opening of this picture brings into view the beautiful Charles River, considered to be the most picturesque spot in the East. One of the features of this picture is the great number of canoes which are being skillfully handled by the occupants of same. They approach in large numbers, and as they pass close to the camera it makes this picture a most striking one. The happy faces of the fair occupants can be plainly seen as they glide past, and this, of course, is bound to make it a bright and winning subject.
Summary taken from Edison Films Catalog, May 1902, p. 38.

Seeing Boston

Filming date: January 8, 1906
Release date: February 1906
Copyright date: January 12, 1906
Production company and distributor: American Mutoscope and Biograph Company
Running time - 6 minutes, 41 seconds
Camera: G.W. Bitzer
A trolley car takes you an on whirlwind ride through the busy streets of downtown Boston past Jordan Marsh and along Boylston Street to Copley Square passing by the Boston Public Library.

Midwinter Bathing, L Street Bath, Boston

Alternative title: Bathing in the Ice at the L Street Bath, Boston
Filming date: February 25, 1905
Release date: March 1905
Copyright date: March 20, 1905
Production company and distributor: American Mutoscope and Biograph Company
Camera: G.W. Bitzer
Running time - 7 minutes
This astonishing picture was made at the "L" Street baths, Boston, in midwinter, the temperature being only a few degrees above zero. A number of sturdy men in bathing trunks are first shown playing on the ice, some of them having skates attached to their bare feet and others playing hand-ball. After their exercise, they run along the shore, upon which ice hummocks are piled high and plunge from the end of the ice-covered pier into the freezing waters of the bay. During the entire picture, the frosty breath of the men is plainly discernible. The film is of the very best photographic value, and the subject in every way one of the most remarkable we have ever made.
Summary taken from Biograph Films Bulletin, November 27, 1905, p. 36.

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