Newspaper Directories

Online Collections

Newspaper directories are typically annuals. They note what newspapers were published each year, with circulation figures, dimensions, frequency, and intended audience. Newspaper Directories were created for prospective advertisers to learn about media markets. They may give information about publication's circulation area such as population or industries. Frequently they include tables of the Sunday press, weekly press, foreign language press, religious press, and trade papers. They often give the name of the publisher, editor, and/or advertising manager.

Newspaper directories are one of the first places to look to discover which titles were published in a given year or for a geographical area. Occasionally, these volumes document the existence of newspapers that have not been preserved, but they may just as well lead you to look for titles that you did not know existed.

Geo. P. Rowell and Co.'s American newspaper directory

Hubbard's right hand record and newspaper directory

Phillip's Newspaper Rate Book

[Pettingill's] National Newspaper Directory and Gazetteer

Remington Brothers' newspaper manual

Nelson Chesman & Co.'s newspaper rate book

[Benn's] Newspaper press directory and advertisers' guide (concentrates on the British Empire)

McKim's Directory of Canadian Publications

H.W. Kastor and sons. Newspaper and Magazine Directory

The Library of Congress has also created digital copies of the Ayers Directories between 1880 and 1920.