Strategic Planning

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Center of Knowledge

by Michael Colford

Center of Knowledge refers to all the information held by the library in our various collections and digital resources, and how we serve researchers, students and lifelong learners.  The BPL is a center of knowledge that serves researchers, lifelong learners, and the intellectually curious through its incomparable collections, digital resources, and access to other scholarly networks. Listed below are a series of potential outcomes the library would like to accomplish in the coming months and years related to this principle.

We’d love to hear what you think are the most important of these outcomes for the library to focus on.  Please pick three from this list and include them in a comment so we can take your thoughts into account.  In addition, as you read through these outcomes, if you think there’s something missing as it relates to the statement above, please suggest an additional outcome for us to add.  More principles and outcomes next week!

  • BPL creates and maintains an online space for users to contribute their specialized knowledge to enhance services
  • Collects community-responsive/reflective collections that are the appropriate size and creates fun and exciting displays to highlight different parts of the collection
  • Maximize the use of existing collections and collect in formats and topics that will be used (and not in those that won’t)
  • Engage in civic education, and espouse democracy to create an informed citizens
  • BPL creates a link between our cultural heritage and our collections by growing them as appropriate, sharing them among libraries, and focusing on specialties
  • Encourage the role of librarians as community resources and professionals, and also as leaders
  • Be known  as the go to place for tech skill learning (entry level) for the public
  • Ability to make appointments with subject specialists in person, online, and by phone
  • Continue to gather and dispense info from City of Boston on daily, weekly, monthly events useful to customers i.e. education, jobs, life skills
  • Support and resources for lifelong learning and adult educational literacy

One Response to “Center of Knowledge”

  1. dWs says:

    . State and local FOI, public record, Sunshine
    Offer presentations for all with an interest including library staff about state and local FOI freedom of information, public records, Sunshine open public meetings, open government.

    . City documents
    Government Documents Department at Boston Public Library should collect full transcripts, stenographic machine full record of public meetings of Boston City Council.