Strategic Planning

The BPL Compass

Sustainable Organization

by Gina Perille

The seventh Compass principle is “Sustainable Organization,” which states:

The BPL depends on sustainability of resources through a judicious stewardship of finances; active employee participation and professional development in an environment of dignity and respect; and partnerships that enrich services, expand outreach, and leverage public investment through private support.

Listed below are a series of potential outcomes the library would like to accomplish in the coming months and years related to this principle. We’d like to know what you think are the most important of these. Pick three from this list and include them in a comment so we can take your thoughts into account. In addition, as you read through these outcomes, if you think there’s something missing in the discussion of a sustainable organization, please suggest an additional outcome for us to add. The final principle, which is “Fun,” will be posted later this week.

  • Improve the BPL store
  • Become a green institution conscious of environmental footprint, strategically limiting  printing, and always making parallel information available in electronic form
  • Practice fiscal transparency
  • BPL only supports programs that generate a positive community impact
  • BPL focuses on the services it provides well and partners with others to provide other services aligned with BPL vision
  • Commit to technical literacy for staff
  • Recruit staff that reflects the diverse community
  • Expand volunteer program
  • BPL has an expectation of excellence for staff
  • Develop a consistent identity through a branding process
  • The BPL works with other libraries to contribute to the future of librarianship and prepare for changes to the profession in the future
  • Create a marketing and advertising budget so that all citizens will know about locations, programming, and exhibitions through multi-dimensional advertising
  • Offer and require staff training in all aspects of their positions. Develop librarians as teacher/librarians to help users with our resources
  • On-going recruit of staff that reflect current technology
  • Continue to make dollars available for training
  • Fundraise by simply putting out donation boxes at every exit
  • Require computer/tech training for all staff – create program to constantly upgrade tech skills
  • Maintain and provide equipment necessary for staff to do their work (tech, computers, scanners, etc.)
  • Coordinate with Foundation/Associates/Friends to develop/expand fundraising efforts, both large and small scale
  • More security guards in high-risk locations, rooms (Tech Central; certain branches)
  • Ensure all departments (especially public service departments and branches) are fully staffed

One Response to “Sustainable Organization”

  1. David Vieira says:

    RE fundraising efforts with Affiliates and Friends groups the BPL needs to do a better job in compiling and acknowledging the dollars raised and spent by the branch Friends groups to support the BPL. Many Friends groups have undertaken major fundraising efforts to cover programming and critical needs that have been underfunded or unfunded in the current budget cycle.

    David Vieira
    Immediate Past President and current VP
    Citywide Friends of the BPL