Strategic Planning

The BPL Compass


by Gina Perille

The final Compass principle is Fun. Yes, fun. The principle states:

The BPL leads the way for people of all ages with recreational reading and media, invigorating programs, user-created content, and opportunities for discovery in settings that are stimulating and engaging.

Listed below are a series of potential outcomes related to this fun principle. We’d like to know what you think are the most important of these. Pick three from this list and include them in a comment so we can take your thoughts into account. In addition, as you read through these outcomes, if you think there’s something missing in the discussion of fun, please suggest an additional outcome for us to add. Like the song goes, girls libraries just wanna have fun.

  • Link programs to culture in the city such as the Concerts in the Courtyard
  • BPL as a performance venue
  • Embrace social media fully, accept user-created content
  • Create more interactive exhibitions
  • More emphasis on popular collections
  • Rededicate efforts to support video gaming through collections and programming
  • Book discussion groups with author visits
  • The BPL embraces its role as a deliverer of the city’s entertainment and culture
  • Hire staff that are fun, energetic, and joyous
  • “Show off” Rare Book items/treasures X2 – Sat/Sun hrs for weekend visitors/tourists
  • Better use of outdoor spaces at branches i.e.; South Boston Branch has great outdoor space at back of building
  • Friday evening get-togethers for singles (a la MFA)
  • More film festivals
  • Create beautiful gathering places where people want to spend time