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Next Roundtable: Tuesday, July 10

by Gina Perille

The next Compass Roundtable will take place on Tuesday, July 10, at 12:30pm in the Orientation Room at the Central Library in Copley Square.

On July 10, join in a discussion about the Fun principle with Exhibitions Manager Beth Prindle.

The Fun principle states: The BPL leads the way for people of all ages with recreational reading and media, invigorating programs, user-created content, and opportunities for discovery in settings that are stimulating and engaging.

The planned outcomes under the Fun principle are:

  • Connect people to popular books, music, films, and artwork – whether the materials are brand new or simply new to select audiences.
  • Embrace role as a cultural and entertainment hub in the City of Boston.
  • Create an engaging and positive atmosphere for library users and staff.
  • Showcase the library’s collections through vibrant, interactive exhibitions and programs.

If you are not able to joins us in person, you are always welcome to leave a comment on this blog or send an email to with your ideas.

One Response to “Next Roundtable: Tuesday, July 10”

  1. Amy Snell says:

    The administration of The Boston Public Library loses some creditability when they hold public meeting in the middle of the day when most of the community is at work.