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Profiles – Julio Chang, Technical Specialist, Boston Public Library

by Gina Perille

If you ever sit down at one of the free computers at the Boston Public Library, you might not realize what it takes to keep those computers humming. And not just the computers available to the public, but also all the administrative technology.

Among those charged with maintaining and updating the library system’s more than 600 computers plus copiers and printers is technical specialist Julio Chang, who has been with the library full-time for more than 15 years. “We try to help patrons satisfy their needs,” Julio says. “Technology keeps moving ahead, and we try to implement these changes in a way that’s easy to use.” That includes providing training for patrons and staff alike.

Julio points out that the library’s computers also offer special services to library patrons. “We get a lot of tourists who use the express terminal to print passes and find directions,” he cites as an example. Julio also enjoys lending a hand directly to library users—such as recently, when a woman had trouble printing a PDF file due to a problem with the website she was accessing. “I was able to go to my office, print off the document from my own computer, and hand it to her,” Julio says. “It’s all about customer satisfaction.”