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Profiles – Mimi Jones, Vice President, Board of Directors, Friends of the Dudley Branch Library; Member, City-Wide Friends of the Boston Public Library; Member, BPL Compass Committee and Strategic Planning Committee

by Gina Perille

Established in 1978, the Friends of the Dudley Branch Library—a nonprofit partnership between the Dudley Branch of the Boston Public Library and the local community—promotes an appreciation for the arts, culture, and humanities. Fifteen-year member and now Vice President of the board of directors, Mimi Jones is proud of the events supported by the group.

Her passion for the library is not limited to the Dudley Branch, however. Mimi recognizes the Boston Public Library as one system and has taken an active role in planning for its future, as a member of both the Compass Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee. “I’ve been very pleased with the fact that there’s been tremendous public discourse around the strategic plan,” she says. “The goals and vision of the previous documents like the Neighborhood Services Initiative dovetail nicely with the new, system-wide strategy. It’s a privilege to be at the table to make a contribution and help shape things.”

Ultimately, to Mimi, what’s most important is to make sure the Boston Public Library system remains a window into the world of knowledge. “Beyond books, the Boston Public Library is a place where so much can be acquired, discovered, and learned,” she says.