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Compass Roundtable on Special Collections: Wed., November 7

by Gina Perille

The next Compass Roundtable will take place on Wednesday, November 7, at 6 p.m. in the Orientation Room of the Central Library in Copley Square. Join in a discussion about the Special Collections principle with Director of Library Services Michael Colford and Keeper of Special Collections Susan Glover.

The Special Collections principle states: The BPL is committed to the ongoing development and preservation of its distinctive special collections, which provide citizens from all walks of life with access to their common cultural heritage.

The stated outcomes under the Special Collections principle are:

  1. Strengthen and grow collections that focus on existing strengths and geographic specialties.
  2. Special collections will be discoverable by users in buildings and online.
  3. Develop a digitization plan.

If you are not able to joins us in person in November, you are always welcome to leave a comment on this blog or send an email to with your ideas. There are two more roundtables to come:

  • January 2013: Community Gathering. The BPL exists to serve and sustain communities that foster discovery, reading, thinking, conversing, teaching, and learning, in accessible, sustainable, and welcoming facilities throughout the City, as well as with an engaging online presence.
  • March 2013: User-Centered Institution. The BPL is a user-centered institution with services that anticipate and respond to neighborhood interests and the changing demographics of the City and Commonwealth.

Specific dates, times, and locations will be published for the remaining pair of roundtables as soon as they are available.


One Response to “Compass Roundtable on Special Collections: Wed., November 7”

  1. john leahy says:

    Hi, The digitalization of the Boston Globe back to the ninteeth century is great.
    I’d like to see more of this done with other historic boston newspapers and journals. I have used your microfilm library of old newpapers, but the text is poorly rendered,and once film is damaged or lost, the records are gone forever. I noticed that reels of several papers (Globe and the “Republic) during the “Honey Fitz” era are lost for good, (more likely pilfered).