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Johnson Building Improvement Project

by Gina Perille

The City of Boston, through the Boston Public Library (BPL), is exploring the viability of redeveloping portions of the Johnson Building of the Central Library in Copley Square in order to improve and reinvigorate the facility with new learning areas, expanded conference capabilities, and potentially commercial amenities. Over the coming weeks, the BPL will publish to this blog a description of the planned study, including why the project was proposed, what the scope is envisioned to be, and how it might be achieved. These posts will contain preliminary information; the scope is subject to change.

As always, we invite your comments along the way.

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One Response to “Johnson Building Improvement Project”

  1. theszak says:

    a) The City owns a tapestry stored in a warehouse by the Museum of Fine Arts. Hang the City’s tapestry or another tapestry in the Johnson Building for improving the building’s acoustical environment for folks in the building.

    b) Improve the lighting with more variable lighting around the building. Currently the lighting is so even in open spaces and passageways that you don’t have a sense of progress as you try to move from one department in the building to another.