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Johnson Building Improvement Project: Space X (to be named)

by Gina Perille

Space X (to be named) in the Johnson Building would be created on the street level, adjacent to the lobby and children’s library. This less formal, comfortable space could potentially include:

  • New acquisitions across all collection types
  • New popular books
  • New popular DVDs
  • Newspapers and popular magazines
  • Comfortable seating
  • Small tables (perhaps café style)
  • Several catalog computers
  • Community information area
  • BPL programs information area
  • Colorful and fun artwork.

What do you think of this concept? The BPL is at the very early stages of thinking about this and we welcome your ideas. In early conversations, this part of the project was referred to as a “living room” space, but we’re opening the conversation up to welcome suggestions on what it contains and how it will be used before we name it .

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