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Johnson Building Improvement Project – Community Advisory Committee

by Michael Colford

One of the commitments the library has made in the BPL Compass strategic plan is to solicit public input and community involvement. To help facilitate that commitment with regard to the Johnson Building Improvement Project, a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) has been assembled to work with library staff and share ideas and reactions to proposed plans that will emerge over the course of the next several months. The committee is made up of business owners and residents in the Back Bay neighborhood. The first meeting of the CAC was held on November 14. To see the meeting notes from that meeting click here (PDF, 7 pages). The next CAC meeting will take place on Thursday, January 10, at 8:30 a.m. in the Commonwealth Salon.

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2 Responses to “Johnson Building Improvement Project – Community Advisory Committee”

  1. Don Warner Saklad says:

    Acoustics of the Johnson Building spaces need priority consideration. For example the City owns a tapestry in the Museum of Fine Arts storage. Tapestry would improve the acoustics of Deferrari hall.

  2. Bill Clendaniel says:

    Some exciting ideas for the Johnson rehab. An immediate step that should be taken to better engage the community is to fit out the various lecture rooms (not Rabb) – e.g. Mezzanine and a room used by Margaret Pokorny for her talk on Comm Ave (forget the name, never know it was there) – with proper AV equipment – screens that are raised so the audience can see the pictures, better audio. What’s used now gives the impression of the 1970s.