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Johnson Building Improvements Update

by Michael Colford

On April 8, Community Advisory Committee members reconvened to review predesign concepts for the Johnson Improvement Project.  President Amy Ryan along with representatives from William Rawn Associates, Architects Inc. and the City of Boston Public Facilities Department reviewed the goals of the project, introduced design concepts and program themes intended to enhance the user experience, reviewed the remaining schedule for the planning process, and discussed some of the next steps.

On April 10, BPL hosted a public program in Rabb Lecture Hall which featured an update of the early phases of the project lead by Michael Colford, director of library services.  Chris Gordon, consultant to the project, reviewed enterprise opportunities, and William Rawn and Cliff Gayley from William Rawn Associates, Architects Inc. led a discussion about the design principles of the Johnson buildings original Architect, Philip Johnson.

The night concluded with a dialog between the public and the presenters.  There were questions about the enterprise aspects of the project, the overall schedule, and discussion about how the public input being collected would be incorporated into the project.  Several audience members expressed appreciation for the context and asked that the project team continue to “think big.”

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