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Central Library Facade Repair

by Eamon Shelton

Beginning this month, the City of Boston Property and Construction Management Department will be managing a façade repair project at the Central Library in accordance with City of Boston Ordinance 9-9.12. The project will include exterior repairs to both the Johnson and McKim buildings. Not to be confused with the Johnson Building Improvement Project, which is still in the planning phase, the work will include the repair and replacement of damaged stone on the building facades. Expect to see scaffolding, aerial lift equipment, and construction activity around the perimeter of the two buildings. While some noise and increased activity outside for the duration of the project is to be expected, the impact to operations should be minimal. The majority of the work will be performed on the Johnson Building. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of the current fiscal year. The images below are from Blagden Street, which runs parallel to Boylston Street,


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