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Teen Zone: Johnson Building Improvement Project

by Gina Perille

Building a new teen zone is also part of the first construction phase of the Johnson Building Improvement Project. It is envisioned that the teen zone will be located on the second floor of the Johnson Building, a move from its current location on the Mezzanine level. Read this description of an enhanced teen area that we shared last year. Although the latest thinking on specific location has changed, the defining characteristics of a successful teen space remain.

Teen Zone

  • Collaborative and flexible
  • Group study pods
  • Hi-tech resources
  • Teen books, magazines, and zines

The first image below shows the location of the new teen zone (highlighted in green) on the second floor of the Johnson Building. The teen zone is not yet designed; the diagram shows what could fit in the available space.

The second image shows some concepts for major design elements that the design team assembled through research and discussion. The categories are lounges, quiet spaces, media, and maker space. Your responses and suggestions are welcome, too. Please feel free to comment directly on this blog, send an email to, or send a letter to Boston Public Library, 700 Boylston Street, Boston MA 02116.

TeenZoneDiagram_600 TeenZoneMajorDesignElements_600

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