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Central Library Renovation: Furniture Review

by edonaghey

As part of the Central Library renovation project, the BPL is undertaking a review of furniture and other items that have been stored in the basement of the Johnson building and in other areas in the Central Library. Senior library team members review these items to determine if an item should be retained, surplused, sold or discarded.

Items to be retained are those that have an identified or potential future or reuse within the BPL system or have significant historic value to the library. All items are carefully reviewed prior to being placed on surplus. This ensures that only items that have no use to the BPL are being surplused. Items to be disposed of have no value. Typically, these items are beyond reclamation, with no salvage value or are obsolete.

Items to be surplused or sold may still have a useful life, but are no longer of direct use to Boston Public Library. Under state surplus laws, the library must first offer these items to other City of Boston agencies. Items may also be surplused to other municipalities or to state agencies for no charge. If no other governmental agency claims the item off surplus, it may then be offered for sale. These items are listed on the city auction site, which can be viewed via