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Central Library Renovation: Project Milestones

by David Leonard

As the renovation of the Central Library in Copley Square continues, there are several project milestones ahead. The first phase of the renovation is predominantly concentrated on the interior of the second floor of the Johnson building, the portion of the Central Library that faces Boylston Street. The second phase, which begins in early October, involves the Johnson building’s lower level, first floor, mezzanine, and exterior. The transition from phase 1 to phase 2 may not be immediately apparent because some phase 1 work will continue alongside phase 2 work. That overlap is by design in order to achieve some cost savings by not having to come to a full stop and then re-mobilize the project.

There are several significant milestones ahead in the renovation project as a whole. They include:

During October 2014

  • Move of teen services, children’s services, borrower services, and nonfiction collections to the McKim building
  • Installation of a temporary accessible ramp and door system for the McKim building, the portion of the Central Library that faces Dartmouth Street.
  • Installation of a materials return — also commonly referred to as a book drop — in front of the McKim building.

Mid-November 2014

  • Closure of the Johnson building entrance.

These are the current target date ranges. Continuing updates will be available via this blog and within the Central Library itself.

Renovation digital display

Just inside the entrance of the Johnson building is a digital display with information about service and collection locations as well as renderings of the new spaces currently under construction on the second floor.


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