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Histories of map-making generally emphasize the role of men; however, since the advent of the printed map, women have worked as colorists, engravers, shop owners, publishers, and, most importantly, as map-makers themselves. Women are active in all aspects of cartography today and are leaders in the world of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and digital mapping. In this exhibition of forty maps, globes, atlases and works of art from the 17th century to the present, visitors will encounter works by female map creators, designers and educators, learn about the various cartographic skills employed by women over the centuries, and observe the transition of women in cartography from marginalized to celebrated.

Earliest Roles
Gerardus Mercator Natus Iodocus Hondius Colette van den Keere Hondius
Gerardus Mercator Natus Iodocus Hondius …, ca. 1613
De Bello Belgico Weduwe Joannis Cnobbaert
Title page from De Bello Belgico Decas Secanda …, 1648
Elizabeth Holt, Publisher
Supplement to the New-York Journal, no. 2013, 1785
Denis Diderot
“Gravure en taille-douce,” 1767
Italy Ann Lea and Robert Morden
A New Map of ye Seat of War in Italy, [1701]
Amerique Septent? Marie Catherine Haussard, engraver
Partie de l’Amérique septent? …, 1755
General map of North America Mary Ann Rocque, publisher
A General Map of North America …, 1762
Spain & Portugal Selina Hall, engraver
“Spain & Portugal,” 1860
Geographic Education
United States Mary E. Johonnot
United States, [1828]
Amerique du Nord Louisa Pinchon
Amérique du Nord, [1880]
Amerique du Sud Louisa Pinchon
Amérique du Sud, [1880]
Mappemonde Céleste Babin
Mappemonde Projetée sur l’Horizon d’Angers, 1839
Fitz Globe Ellen Eliza Fitz
Fitz Globe, [1879]
Embroidered globe Anonymous Female Student
[Terrestrial Globe], ca. 1810-1843
World in hemispheres Sophia Sara Cornell
“The World in Hemispheres,” 1871
Virginia, Maryland, Delaware ... Marinda Branson Moore
“Virginia, Maryland, Delaware …,” 1864
Travel and Tourism
Bermuda Islands Elizabeth Shurtleff and Helen F. McMillin
A Map of the Bermuda Islands …, 1930
Nantucket Ruth Haviland Sutton
Nantucket, 1946
Historical map of Watertown Mary B. Hotz
Historical Map of Watertown, 1930
Cape Cod Jane Crosen
Cape Cod and the Islands, 1999
Nationalities Agnes Sinclair Holbrook
“Nationalities Map No. 1,” 1895
London Phyllis Pearsall
AZ Visitors’ London, [1976]
New York in Maps Toy Lasker
“Lincoln Center,” “Broadway Theaters” and “Fifth Avenue Shops,” 1970
Literacy Joni Seager
“Literacy,” 2009
Massachusetts Ruth Taylor
“Massachusetts,” 1935
Western Pacific Ocean Marie Tharp and Bruce Heezen
Physiographic Diagram of the Western Pacific Ocean, 1971
Maps as Art
Growing Fields Emily Garfield
Growing Fields (Cityspace #100), 2012
Butterfly map Jacqueline Schmidt
Butterfly Map, 2014
City grid IV Valerie S. Goodwin
City Grid IV, 2007
Bunker Hill Mildred Giddings Burrage
The Attack on Bunker Hill…, [1926]
Hudson River Constance Brown
The Hudson River and Its Watershed, 2007
Paula Scher Paula Scher
Maps: Paintings and Installations, 2011
Paula Scher
GIS Margaret W. Pearce
Exploring Human Geography with Maps, 2010
Anne Kelly Knowles, ed.
Past Time, Past Place: GIS for History, 2002
Women in GIS and the Digital World

Women cartographers play a major role in the world of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and digital mapping. Their projects range from scholarly research, using historical, social or statistical data, to creating maps of the changing environment, based on scientific data. Their work provides an important understanding of how the world has changed over time, how it looks in the present day, and what it may look like in the future. Displayed here are a variety of maps created by women in the digital mapping field.
Powerful Green Map NYC Green Map System; Wendy E. Brawer, Founding Director
Powerful Green Map NYC, 2006
Lower East Ride Partnerships for Parks and Green Map System; Maryam Khabazi, Designer
Lower East Ride, 2013
Going Coastal Zhennya Slootskin
New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary Paddling Guide, 2011
GIS and women Linda Loubert
Making History – GIS and Women, 2015

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