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Travel Map

“Away We Go!” is not just an exhibition. It is organized as an epic trip around the world–starting and ending right here in Boston — via some of the Boston Public Library’s most beautiful and important travel posters. You will travel to twenty-eight handpicked destinations, on six continents, on a globetrotting route nearly 45,000 miles long. Are you ready? Away we go!

Click on the thumbnails below to view the posters.

Lisbon, Portugal Auvergne, France
Dublin, Ireland Amsterdam, Holland
Göteborg, Sweden Berlin, Germany
Jungfrau, Switzerland Vorarlberg, Austria
Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia Lake Garda, Italy
Algiers, Algeria Alexandria, Egypt
Jerusalem, Palestine Simferopol, Crimea
Moscow, USSR Srinagar, Kashmir
Hyderabad, India Beiping, China
Tokyo, Japan Java, Jakarta
Perth, Australia Hobart, Tasmania
Rotorua, New Zealand Cusco, Peru
San Juan Parangaricutrio, Mexico Juneau, Alaska, USA
Chicago, Illinois, USA Boston, Massachusetts, USA