Destination: Lisbon, Portugal

No rain in Portugal but tourists pour in
No Rain In Portugal But Tourists Pour In. Nuno Costa.
Bertrand (Irmãos), Ltd., Lisbon. ca. 1954, color lithograph.
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Pouring It On

Lisbon, averages the highest daily number of sunlight hours (8.5) of any major city in Europe and ranks as the second-hottest city on the continent, with a year-round average of 62 degrees. However, Lisbon also places in the top ten European cities for total rainfall yearly, nearly 28 inches, making this poster’s assertion of “No Rain in Portugal” an optimistic claim.

Travel posters produced after World War II look quite different from their earlier counterparts. Artists began to include more comedic elements, some quite cartoonish in style, such as these world travelers frolicking in their native costumes.