Destination: Algiers, Algeria

Algerie. Leon Cauvy (1874-1933).
Cornille & Serre, Paris. 1930, color lithograph.
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Meet Me At the Casbah

On the Mediterranean coast of North Africa, Algeria’s bustling port Algiers is nicknamed the “White City” because of the glistening white buildings. The PLM (Paris à Lyon et à la Méditerranée) Railway operated from Paris to Marseilles where the traveler would board a steamer for the 30-hour crossing of the Mediterranean Sea. Algeria’s mild temperature and dry climate drew vacationers and those looking for relief from asthma and tuberculosis.

In 1907, French painter Leon Cauvy was the first artist to receive a travel grant to study at the Villa Abd-el-Tif in Algiers. He stayed in Algeria until his death, becoming the head of the National School of Fine Arts and influencing many of his pupils with his French Orientalist style.