Destination: Alexandria, Egypt

Marseille-Alexandrie La Route D'Egypte
Marseille-Alexandrie. La Route d’Egypte.
J. Daviel (dates unknown).
Vaugirard, Paris. 1927, color lithograph.
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Ancient Mariner

Alexandria, Egypt’s largest seaport, was accessible to Europeans by boarding a steamship in Marseilles operated by Messageries Maritimes. The PLM (Paris à Lyon et à la Méditerranée) Railway operating in France made the connection to the steamers. Alexandria was only a brief stop for most early 20th-century tourists: visitors were quick to board one of the many luxury trains and head south towards Cairo and the Nile.

Resplendent in his royal attire, a hieroglyph pharaoh spans the Mediterranean Sea, illustrating the popular train and boat route from France to Egypt.