Destination: Jerusalem, Palestine

Visit Palestine
Visit Palestine. Franz Kraus (1905-1998).
Aron Advertising, Jerusalem. 1936, color lithograph.
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Revisiting Palestine

In this iconic poster from 1936, the stylized buildings of Jerusalem and the Dome of the Rock are visible from the cool shade of a dark green tree. Published in 1936 by the Tourist Association of Palestine, an early trade promotion agency, this is the earliest Palestine travel poster on record. Artist Franz Kraus grew up in Graz, Austria, and immigrated to Tel Aviv in 1934.

Taken with the beauty and elegance of the scene, Israeli graphic designer David Tartakover approached poster artist Franz Kraus in the mid-1990s to ask permission to reissue this image. They printed a limited run of one thousand posters on large sheets of heavy paper, sold them primarily to museums, and were astonished when unauthorized reproductions began popping up in cafés, offices, restaurants, stores, and hotels throughout the city, both in the West Bank and East Jerusalem — the predominantly Palestinian side of the city — and also in Tel Aviv and in West Jerusalem.