Destination: Moscow, USSR

Hunting in the USSR
Hunting in the USSR. Artist unknown.
Intourist, Soviet Union. ca. 1930, color lithograph.
15-ussr map-legs-15

The Thrill Of the Hunt

The bright, bold Soviet travel posters of the 1930s were designed to present an exotic, glamorous portrayal of the Soviet Union to the outside world. Displayed in tourist offices and embassies, the Intourist posters emphasized the luxury and elegance of traveling in the Socialist USSR for foreign visitors, including the surprisingly aristocratic pursuit of fox hunting with hounds.

This poster was printed for Intourist, founded in 1929 by Joseph Stalin as the official state travel agency of the Soviet Union. Originally the only Soviet tour operator sanctioned to handle foreign tourist travel, Intourist has grown into one of the largest tour providers in the world.