Destination: Hyderabad, India

See India
See India. Gopal Damodar Deuskar (1911-1994).
British India Press, Bombay. ca. 1950, color lithograph.
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The historic city of Hyderabad is noted for its monuments, temples, churches and bazaars. The impressive monument seen here, the Chariminar or “Mosque of Four Minarets,” was built in the sixteenth century to honor a promise Sultan Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah made to Allah to end a plague in the city. The main gallery contains forty-five covered prayer spaces, large enough to accommodate 10,000 people, and the open area in front accommodates more worshipers at Friday prayer.

Many posters from India feature bright bold colors, including this vivid piece by Deuskar, a noted Indian portrait painter who drew on local as well as European influences in his work.