Destination: Java, Jakarta

Visit Java. Only 36 hours from Singapore
Visit Java. Artist unknown.
G.Kolff & Co., Jakarta. ca. 1920, color lithograph.
20-java-stamp map-legs-20

Time Travel

Although the 1930s and 1940s saw rapid advances in transportation and speed of travel, extremely exotic destinations such as Java are relatively rarer on vintage travel posters than those featuring locales closer to home. Even short trips by modern standards proved daunting for the early traveler: the distance between Singapore and Jakarta is 555 miles. In the 1930s, it was heralded on this poster that it took only a day and a half to travel this distance. In 2010, the time has been reduced to less than two hours by airplane.

Printer Gualtherus Johannes Kolff moved to the Netherland Indies (Java) in 1850 and opened a bookshop two years later. He later expanded his business to include chromolithographic printing and began producing postcards, posters, and colorful advertisements.