Destination: Perth, Australia

Travel by Trans-Australian Railway across Australia
Travel By Trans-Australian Railway.
James Northfield (1887 – 1973).
Northfield Studios & J.E. Hackett, Melbourne.
ca. 1930, color lithograph.
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Ships of the Desert

Thousands of miles of desert isolate the capital city of Perth from the other Australian States. The only methods of travel prior to the building of the Trans-Australian railway were by sea or traversing the dry and desolate desert. Here, a hardy soul on his camel, baking in the desert sun, crosses the desert on his camel and looks longingly out at a train blazing westward to Perth. Traveling from Sydney to Perth in a modern train complete with sleeping, dining, and lounge cars was sure to be more comfortable than atop a camel’s hump.

James Northfield was one of the most celebrated Australian commercial artists of the 20th century, with his work appearing in billboard advertisements, promotional travel posters and posters relating to World Wars I and II.