Destination: Cusco, Peru

Peru of the Incas
Peru of the Incas. Paul George Lawler.
Printer and place unknown. 1938, color lithograph.
24-peru-stamp map-legs-24

Taking Flight

Founded in 1927, Pan American World Airways began operations by delivering mail from Key West to Havana. The airline soon expanded its routes throughout the Caribbean and Latin America and pioneered daily flights circling the globe.

The 21-passenger Douglas DC-3 revolutionized air transportation when it was put into commercial travel service in 1936. The fixed-wing, propeller- driven aircraft required only three refueling stops on a flight from New York to Los Angeles and cut flying time to 15 hours. The planes featured broad yellow stripes on the wings, designed to assist in locating a plane that went down in rugged terrain.

This poster from Pan American features the 90 Douglas DC-3 flying over the Andes, much to the amazement of the locals below. Pan Am produced a series of posters in the late 1930s depicting the company’s aircraft against exotic backgrounds of cities and countries along the route system.