Destination: Jungfrau, Switzerland

Jungfrau-Railway. Bernese oberland
Jungfrau – Railway. Emile Cardinaux (1877-1936).
Wolfsberg, Zurich. 1928, color lithograph.
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Swiss Bliss

Switzerland became a popular travel destination in the 19th century as the high altitude and fresh air were thought to have a therapeutic effect on lung disease. A number of health resorts opened touting the values of drinking spring water, inhaling pure mountain air and hydrotherapy. At the same time, adventurous mountaineers began to conquer some of Switzerland’s highest peaks.

The construction of mountain passes, bus service and the railway would provide an even larger boost to tourism and vacationers could reach even the steepest mountain, the Jungfrau pictured here. In 1912, the highest train station in Europe, the Jungfraujoch, opened for business.

Artist Emile Cardinaux was one of the founding fathers of Swiss poster art. His famed 1908 travel poster depiction of Zermatt, the Matterhorn, became a landmark in Swiss graphic design. He designed a number of posters for the Jungfrau Railroad, this being his final.