Destination: Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia

Winter resort. Jugoslav Riviera
Winter Resort/Jugoslav Riviera. Hans Wagula (1894-1964).
Jugoslovanska Tiskarna, Ljubljani.
Date unknown, color lithograph.
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Sun Spots

Since the early 20th century, the resorts of sunny Dalmatia, the former Yugoslavia’s “Riviera,” have drawn large numbers of tourists due to its balmy climate and subtropical vegetation. Most of the area is covered by the Dinaric Alps, a mountain range running from northwest to southeast. Featuring 13th-century walled cities, medieval villages, outdoor cafes and sun-bleached beaches, the coastline is reminiscent of the Italian and French Rivieras. Cruising along the shore, boats pass by vineyards, orange, fig and olive groves, and cypress trees.

Austrian poster artist Hans Wagula was well known for his art deco-inspired posters of exotic locales, including this beautiful stretch of the Dalmatian coast, now part of Croatia.