Suburban Parks – Item 3 of 4

G. W. Bromley & Co., “Part of Ward 23, City of Boston,” plate 12 in Atlas of the City of Boston, Vol. 6, West Roxbury,  2nd ed., 1896.

Just east of the Arnold Arboretum is Franklin Park, a 485 acre expanse that became part of the park system in 1885. Envisioned by Frederick Law Olmsted as a restful space for Bostonians to recuperate from the stresses of city life, Franklin Park was the place where nature and health met.As this 1896 map illustrates, the park was designed to appeal to a diverse community with designated spaces for quiet repose, as well as those for more invigorating activities such as athletics.  However, at the request of citizens, this quiet country park eventually included more stimulating forms of entertainment.