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Boston fans have been captivated by professional sports ever since major league baseball first took the field at South End Grounds in 1871. While our legendary teams and athletes have long composed the dramatic narratives, these home venues—veritable “temples” of sport—have served as their iconic center stages.

Boston Sports Temples celebrates the rich histories of Boston’s professional stadiums and arenas. Some, like Fenway Park, still welcome fans today. Others were demolished decades ago, leaving only hints of their former glory amid the urban landscape. This exhibition welcomes modern fans through the gates of venues both famous and forgotten: the various home fields—and courts and tracks and ice—of Boston’s most beloved franchises and hosts to a century of public events, concerts, and gatherings.

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South End Grounds
1871 – 1929
Braves Field
1915 – 1953
Charles River Speedway
1899 – 1960s
Suffolk Downs
1935 – present
Huntington Avenue Grounds
1901 – 1911
Fenway Park
1912 – present
Boston Arena
1910 – present
Boston Garden
1928 – 1997

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