Atlantic Neptune Part 2 – Item 17

ny harbour
J.F.W. Des Barres, A Chart of New York Harbour: with the Soundings, Views of Land Marks and Nautical Directions for the Use of Pilotage, 1779. Reproduction 2013
Courtesy New York Public Library
Des Barres’ chart of the harbor of New York differs vastly from the earlier chart by Mark Tiddeman. As this chart was produced using the latest scientific advances in marine surveying, the result is a document that allowed for safe navigation among the complicated shores of New York Harbor. In addition, the two coastal profiles included here illustrate landmarks that when seen and read with accompanying sailing instructions, would alert the navigator to set a particular course. Tiddeman’s chart was still in circulation when Des Barres published his chart of the same area; however, the advanced navigational conventions presented here superseded the earlier work.