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Maps of imaginary places have accompanied literature for centuries. Visualizing the fanciful worlds described in works of fiction sets the stage for events taking place in a story, and often provides insight into the characters themselves. In this exhibition of forty items, visitors will discover maps from a variety of fictional genres, learn how authors create imaginary worlds, and appreciate why descriptive geography is essential to the story. People and creatures, even those who exist only in tales, are related to place. Maps of their imaginary worlds allow readers to be transported into the geography of fantasy.


Real World
Paddle to the Sea Holling C. Holling
Paddle-to-the-Sea, ©1969
Sherlock Holmes Molly Maguire ; Jim Wolnick
The Sherlock Holmes Mystery Map, 1987
Moby Dick Everett Henry
The Voyage of the Pequod from the Book Moby Dick by Herman Melville, 1956
Ile Chairman Jules Verne
“Ile Chairman”, 1888
Tree in the Trail Holling C. Holling
Tree-In-The-Trail, ©1942
Travel to Other Worlds
Neverland Jacqueline McNally
Neverland, 2011
Phantom Tollbooth Norton Juster and Jules Feiffer
“The Lands Beyond,” c1961
Oz John R. Neill
“Map of the Countries Near to the Land of Oz,” 1914
Narnia Pauline Baynes
“A Map of Narnia and the Surrounding Countries,” ©1998
Toy and Animal Fantasy
My Father's Dragon Ruth Chrisman Gannett
“Map of the Island of Tangerina and Wild Island,” c1948
High Fantasy – Alternate Worlds
Middle-earth Daniel Reeve
Middle Earth, 2012
Menzoberranzan Mike Schley
Menzoberranzan, 2012
Folklore and Mythology
Fairyland Bernard Sleigh
An Anciente Mappe of Fairyland Newly Discovered and Set Forth, 1917
Color Fairy Books Andrew Lang
[Color Fairy Books]
Yggdrasill Finn Magnussen
“Yggdrasill, the Mundane Tree,” 1859
“Three Wisemen of Gotham,” [1880]
H. J. Ford
“Perseus in the Garden of the Hesperides,” 1907
Abbey Edwin Austin Abbey
The Quest and Achievement of the Holy Grail, 1893
Styles of Maps
Leviathan Keith Thompson
“The Great War 1914,” 2009
Kaspar W. Kaspar
Momentaufnahme von Europa und Halbasien 1914, [1915?]
Panem V. Arrow
An Unofficial Map of Panem from the Panem Companion, ©2012
Collapse Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway
“Amsterdam,” “Bangladesh,” “Florida” and “New York City,” ©2014
Valck Gerard Valck
Novus Planiglobii Terrestris per Utrumque Polum Conspectus, 1695

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