About Mixit Print Studio

morning-at-mixit-print-studio Mixit Print Studio was established in 1987 by Jane Goldman and Catherine Kernan as a direct outgrowth of Artist’s Proof Studio, a four-partner printmaking cooperative in Cambridge, Massachusetts (1980-84). Randy Garber joined as a third partner in 2010. The forced disbanding of Artists Proof Studio in the face of real estate development galvanized these artists to secure a permanent home for the studio and themselves. The result is Mixit Studios Cooperative, a live/work artist building in the former Mixit Soap factory in Somerville, Massachusetts.  Mixit Print Studio, located on the ground floor, has grown to be a vital printmaking resource and a thriving community of artists.

print-in-water For 25 years, Mixit Print Studio has served as one of Boston’s premier intellectual and artistic printmaking communities. Although each artist explores his or her unique ideas and expression, interactions and collaborations occur in countless ways.  Because artists share space, presses, and equipment, they encounter new opportunities to generate and execute ideas that would not happen in individual studios.  Cross-fertilization is the hallmark of a collaborative print studio, and artists come to find aesthetic nourishment, technical exchange, critical feedback and the shared resources to realize their art projects.  Everyone who has worked at Mixit Print Studio, whether long- or short-term, has contributed to a wealth of accumulated connections that weave Mixit Print Studio into the fabric of art in Boston.

Learn more:  Sinclair Hitchings, Keeper of Prints Emeritus at the Boston Public Library, on Mixit’s 25-year history.

Photography:  © Robin Z. Boger (except where noted with *)