Finances & Budget

FY13 Preliminary Revenue and Expenditures

by Sean Nelson

At the January 10th meeting of the BPL’s Board of Trustees, preliminary assumptions of BPL’s FY13 Operating Budget — including revenue and expenditures — were reviewed.  Given the uncertain economic climate of recent years, the early outlook is again conservative but stable. One positive development is the City of Boston’s support for additional funding in FY13 for the anticipated increases in personnel.  The result will be a City appropriation that exceeds our funding level from FY12 (a more precise estimate is still TBD pending further review and discussion).  

The FY13 all funds operating budget for the BPL will include some modest assumptions regarding overall expenditures including a restoration of the materials budget to FY11 levels, an increase in lease-purchase funds for IT equipment, and the addition of a maintenance contract for the self-check machines.  The preliminary FY13 budget will also reflect a reduction in utility consumption system-wide.  The BPL’s joint energy conservation efforts with the City of Boston over the course of FY12 will extend this important and beneficial trend well into FY13.

 Though it is still early in the state budget process, our FY13 planning estimate assumes a level-funded appropriation from the state.  The Governor will officially kick-off the process by releasing his recommendation on January 25th.

Additional budget information, including planning documents, will be periodically posted to the BPL’s finance page.