Finances & Budget

BPL Board of Trustees Vote to Approve FY13 Recommended Budget

by Sean Nelson

The Boston Public Library Board of Trustees voted on March 13, 2012 to approve submission of the recommended FY13 Operating Budget to the City of Boston. The $40.2 million budget reflects an increase of approximately $500K over the current fiscal year and notably restores the acquistion of materials budget (books, CDs, DVDs) to the FY11 funding level of $4.5 million. The increased budget also reflects a commitment from the City of Boston to support all related personnel increases associated with the 413 full time employees.

While the BPL Board of Trustees has approved this recommended budget, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is still in the early stages of budget development.  The Governor released his FY13 budget recommendation (H2) on January 25th and level-funded those line-items that impact the BPL, including the Library for the Commonwealth (LFC) at $2.75 million. It is anticipated that the House of Representatives’ Ways and Means Committee will release their FY13 budget recommendation in mid-April; The Senate’s Ways and Means Committee will follow with their recommendation in mid-May.  Variances in the respective House and Senate recommendations will be resolved in a joint conference committee and will result in the FY13 Conference Committee budget to be released in mid to late June.  Upon receipt of the FY13 Conference Committee budget, the  Governor will have 10 days to submit his vetoes.

More information will be posted as the budget process progresses.