Finances & Budget

Library trustees hold special meeting to review final FY13 Budget

by Sean Nelson

The Boston Public Library Board of Trustees held a special meeting at the Central Library, Copley Square on Thursday, August 2nd to review the final FY13 operating and capital budget for the BPL. 

Collectively, the City of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts fund 83% of the BPL’s total operating budget.  The City of Boston’s FY13 appropriation to the BPL is approximately $31.2 million — $1.04 million over FY12 (a 3% increase).  The FY13 State of Massachusetts budget was signed on July 8th by Governor Patrick and included level-funding for those line-items that impact the BPL, including $2.2 million for the Library of the Commonwealth (LFC) and approximately $576,000 in unrestricted State Aid. The total overall all-funds increase to the BPL’s FY13 operating budget is $1.1 million over FY12, for a total all-funds operating budget of $40.82 million. 

Also discussed at the meeting was the BPL’s upcoming five-year capital plan and the full slate of projects that are underway or in the planning process for FY13.  It is anticipated that the BPL will expend between $14 million and $16 million on capital projects systemwide in FY13. Nearly half of those funds will be committed to the new East Boston Branch scheduled to be completed in the Fall of 2013. The balance of the funding will be allocated for branch improvements systemwide, information technology projects, energy initiatives, and key programming and facilities studies.

For more details on both the BPL’s operating and capital budgets, please clink on this link: BPL FY13 Operating and Capital Budgets