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StorySlam Submissions


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The theme of this year’s StorySlam is “Overdue.” As a library, we know about overdue books, but your story can be about anything experience that evokes this topic: late babies, honors past due, a meeting that finally happened, a debt that is unpaid, and, yes, even a fabulous overdue book story.

Story Submission Guide

Want to take part and tell your story? Just submit a short sample of your story online to register as a storyteller for the evening. We will choose five lucky people in advance, who will have their stories judged by a panel including storytelling experts and professionals from the literary field.

Five more contestants will be chosen that night to tell their story. The audience will choose their favorite at the end of the show.

Prizes include two tickets to Moth GrandSLAM, donated by the Moth Radio Hour.

Rules for Storytellers:

  1. Notes will NOT be allowed on stage. Stories must be from memory. No poetry, props, or music will be permitted.  Just straight-up storytelling.
  2. You must keep to five minute time limit. Stories over five minutes will not be considered.
  3. Stories should connect to the theme, “Overdue.”
  4. Adult language is permitted within reason, but should not be overused.

Submitting your Story:

Online story submission has ended. If you have not entered your story and wish to compete for the audience favorite prize, please tell the registration table as you arrive at the event.

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