Boston Public Library
Kill-a-Watt Devices

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that about 10 percent of household electricity used is consumed by idle devices. Idle devices are still utilizing electricity even when they are powered "off" This 'phantom' electricity usage can be addressed by the Kill-A-WattTM device which allows you to find out how much energy household appliances use.

By connecting your household appliances to the Kill-A-WattTM, you can assess how energy efficient they are and better understand your energy consumption at home. The device readings allow you to track and calculate the appliance's electricity usage by day, week, etc. The device calculates consumption by the Killowatt (kW) hour, the same standard used by National Grid or Nstar does when they process your utility bill.

Kill-A-WattTM units are now available to Boston residents through your local branch library for check-out. They serve as valuable tools for residents looking to lower their utility bills and cut down on phantom electrical use around the home. Visit the nearest library to borrow a Kill-A-WattTM now and start cutting your energy use today.

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