Boston Public Library

Internship Opportunity

Internship Location: Central Library at Copley Square - Digital Imaging Studio

Site Supervisor: Tom Blake, Digital Imaging Production Manager


SUMMARY: Intern will observe and participate in the production of standardized digital images and metadata for ingest into the BPL digital library repository.


  • Operation of digital imaging equipment and software
  • Application of standards-based image quality benchmarks
  • Subject analysis and standards-based metadata creation for digital images


  • Currently enrolled in a Library & Information Science degree program
  • Undergraduate or equivalent experience in photography
  • Keen interest in documenting visual material in a library/archives system
  • Proficient in MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Mac OSX

SCHEDULE (number of hours/week): May vary depending on internship guidelines but not to exceed 15-20 hours/week.

To apply for an internship submit the following documents to

  1. Cover letter and resume
  2. Internship Application
  3. Description of Internship/Practicum Program



Click here for Internship Criteria and Guidelines