Web Link Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Linking to a BPL web site

The Boston Public Library does not enter into reciprocal link agreements. We provide links to sites that help fulfill the mission of the library. The creation of a link from a BPL site does not obligate the publisher of the linked site to link back to the library, but the publisher is, of course, welcome to do so.

Entities and individuals do not need to request advance permission to link to a Boston Public Library web site if making a simple link to a web page. However, links to a BPL site or page are permitted under only under these conditions:

Links From BPL to External Sites

In establishing and maintaining its web sites and services, the Boston Public Library does not intend in any manner to create a forum or other means by which public discourse, exchange of opinions, or discussion on issues of unrestricted nature may occur. Rather, the sole and limited purpose of the BPL’s web sites and hyperlinks is to serve the cultural, educational, and informational needs of the people of the City of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This does not preclude the Boston Public Library from publishing user-contributed content that supports its stated mission and/or goals.

Consistent with the Boston Public Library Web Link Policy, it is the BPL’s practice to limit external links to the following kinds of web sites and content:

Link Requests

Entities or organizations that wish to establish a link from a Boston Public Library site to their web site must read and comply with these procedures and provide contact information. Required contact information includes:

Requests for links from a Boston Public Library site will not be granted automatically and are not guaranteed for web site operators who provide the required contact information. Links to external content on web pages hosted by the Boston Public Library will be added at the library’s sole discretion.

Requests may be emailed directly to webmaster@bpl.org or may be submitted through our Contact Us page.

Link Removal

The Boston Public Library reserves the right to remove links to an external web site that otherwise meets these guidelines. This discretion may be exercised if the external web site is judged to:


For questions and concerns regarding Boston Public Library Web Link Procedures, e-mail webmaster@bpl.org.