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Board of Trustees - Former Trustees

George Bigelow Chase

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Trustee of the Boston Public Library, 1876-1885. Born 1835 in Boston and died 1902 in Dedham. Shipping merchant, banker, writer and author. The son of a large ship owner, George Bigelow Chase graduated from Harvard College in 1856 and worked in his father’s Boston shipping office. He remained in the shipping business following his father’s death until 1868 when he became a director and transfer agent for the Rutland Railroad Company. Mr. Chase continued to be active in business and railroading, and served several years on the board of directors of the Columbian Bank. He retired from business in 1892 and traveled Europe for some years before settling in Dedham. Mr. Chase was active with many visiting committees at Harvard University and was a member of the Massachusetts Historical Society. He wrote memoirs related to the Chase, Lawrence and Bigelow families and was a frequent contributor to the press. During his membership on the Board, Trustee Chase acquired and donated to the Library in 1879 a library table formerly belonging to Antonio Panizzi, Principal Librarian of the British Museum. This table now stands in the Pompeiian Alcove on the second floor of the McKim Building.

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