Boston Public Library
Trustees' Finance and Audit Committee

Board of Trustees
February 10, 2014

Agenda for Trustees Finance and Audit Committee Meeting
Monday February 10, 2014, 8 am to 9 am
Commonwealth Salon, Central Library at Copley Square

Chairman Evelyn Arana-Ortiz

  • Welcome
    Ms. Evelyn Arana-Ortiz

  • Review and Approval of Minutes from Decemeber 23, 2013 Meeting
    Ms. Evelyn Arana-Ortiz

  • Discussion and vote on the Contract for the "Library Patron Self-Service Digital Scanning System"
    Ellen Donaghey, Ed Maheigan

  • Approve Schedule for Upcoming Meeting, April TBD
    Ms. Evelyn Arana-Ortiz

  • Other Business
    Ms. Evelyn Arana-Ortiz

  • Adjournment
    Ms. Evelyn Arana-Ortiz