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Edwin Percy Whipple
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Trustee of the Boston Public Library, 1868-1870. Born 1819 in Gloucester, MA, and died 1886 in Boston. Essayist, author and lecturer. From his youth in Salem, MA, Edwin Whipple made his interest in literature and history a lifelong passion, writing for newspapers from age fourteen while working in finance. He continued to write newspaper articles after his transfer to a brokerage in Boston and attracted the notice of T. B. Macaulay as well as friends of the same literary interests. Upon leaving the brokerage, Edwin Whipple became the superintendent of the newsroom for the Merchants’ Exchange, during which tenure he published the 2-volume Essays and Reviews (1848-49) and Lectures on Subjects Connected with Literature and Life (1850). In 1860 he resigned his position at the Merchants’ Exchange to dedicate his time to writing and lecturing. Speaking at the height of the lyceum movement, Mr. Whipple spoke thoughtfully and imaginatively on his favored interests and his lectures were often rapidly compiled and published in book form. His tenure on the Board of Trustees witnessed and guided the growth and development of the young public library.

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