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Avoiding Foreclosure


Housing Information

Responding to the foreclosure situation in Massachusetts includes helping people find homes they can afford. The organizations on the following list are all based in Boston and offer information about affordable homeownership that may be useful for people facing foreclosure. (For a complete list of town-by-town contact information for organizations throughout Massachusetts, visit and click on the document titled “Information about Foreclosure Assistance by Town.”)

Action for Boston Community Development 617-357-6202
Allston-Brighton Community Development Corporation 617-787-3874
Asian American Civic Association 617-426-9492
Asian Community Development Corp. 617-482-2380
City Life/Vida Urbana 617-524-3541
Codman Square NDC 617-825-4224
International Institute of Boston 617-695-9990
Jamaica Plain NDC 617-522-2424
Madison Park DC 617-541-3900
Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance 617-265-8995 and
Massachussetts Housing Partnership 617-330-9955
(toll free)
Mattapan CDC 617-296-2000
Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership 617-859-0400
Veterans Benefits Clearinghouse 617-427-5786
Viet AID 617-822-3717