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Senate Permanent Subcommittee of the Committee on Government Operations (Army-McCarthy Hearings)

Hearings related to Communism and the Government

Communist Infiltration in the Army (1953-54)

Special Senate Investigation on Charges and Countercharges Involving: Secretary of the Army Robert T. Stevens, John G. Adams, H. Struve, and Senator Joe McCarthy, Roy M. Cohn, and Francis P. Carr (Army-McCarthy Hearings) (1953)

Army personnel actions relating to Irving Peress. (1955)

Army Signal Corps- Subversion and Espionage

State Department Information Program Information Centers

State Department Information Program, Voice of America

Senate Select Committee to Study Censure Charges

Hearings on S. Res. 301 : hearings before a select committee to study censure charges United States Senate ; Eighty-third Congress, second session pursuant to the order on S. Res. 301 and amendments, a resolution to censure the Senator from Wisconsin, Mr. McCarthy. While not a part of the Government Operations Committee, this hearing is quite important to its work. This is only part 1 of 2. Part two was not scanned.